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24 July 2009 @ 03:53 pm
Yeah for idiots  
So...I really don't like going to raks. Because I'm female and generally am dragging a couple kids with me, I tend to get ignored and talked down to whenever I go there. Now, we are planning on extending our cinder block wall so that the dogs and children stay in the side and back and we can actually use our driveway for cars.

The people that are building said wall for us got quotes and such from raks, and we also don't have a truck to hall stuff up from Home Depot, so we ordered everything from Raks. They delivered it to us today in a large flat bed. I got the dogs inside and the big gate open. I started to back them in, realized that they weren't following my directions at all (they were going to hit the gate, told them to stop since they were going to hit the gate and it was probably too big. One guy got out while the other guy pulled forward a bit to try and back it inside the gate again......the direction guy was only paying attention to one side of the truck...so the truck proceeded to hit the four by four that holds the other half of the gate stationary. Luckily, it only cracked a bit and should hold up for a bit longer. I wasn't too upset since we will eventually take it all down, but still...idiots.

Like every other time a stranger comes to drop stuff off or fix something, Eugene was pretty excited and kept trying to talk to the guys. They of course ignored him most of the time, then would answer just enough to keep him trying to talk to them....grrrrr. I thought about helping them unload and then at other times getting them something to drink (they were unloading everything by hand), but said screw it and went and played with the kids in the sand box.

I also tried to tell them not to put the cinder blocks right at the edge of the cement because that is where the wall is going to be. The guy kicked over the block about two inches then went to get more....so I ended up moving it over somemore (so the wall can actually be built without having to remove all the blocks) while they pretended not to smirk......
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jmattaxjmattax on July 25th, 2009 04:40 am (UTC)
This would be why I don't deal with them unless I absolutely have to. They won't listen to me any better unless I make sure to come to the store in torn up jeans and a shirt. If I wear the comfortable clothes I have and normally wear they look too nice for me to get useful interaction.