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10 January 2009 @ 09:51 am
Switching Doctors (Rant)  
So Monday night after we got back from the Brew Pub, we noticed Anna had a little bit of a fever. By Tuesday morning both kids were sick, so we made an appointment with Dr Johnson for early Wednesday morning.

At the appointment, found out the kids both had sore and pussy throats and Anna's ear's were a little red, along with fever and some coughing. Dr. Johnson wanted to weight a couple days because "doctors give too much meds these days, and we're getting a lot of stuff that's med resistant". I knew this is true and reluctantly agreed even though Anna had had an ear infection and soar throat a couple weeks ago and just finished meds on the 30th for that.

She had a nurse take a strep test on Eugene and assured us that the test would be done Thursday morning. If Eugene was positive, then they would get meds for both kids.

Wednesday evening comes around. Eugene's temp jumps to 105.7, after meds and maybe after a bath. Brian takes him to the ER, where they do a simple blood test (which he let them take without crying!) and found he had a bacterial infection so gave him meds. The NP they saw was Susan and she didn't want to write a prescription for Anna also since Anna had just gotten off meds a little bit before.

We're starting to get pissed at Johnson at this point because taking kids to ERs at night isn't our favorite thing to do. Eugene and Brian get home at 11 or so and get Eugene down. Anna has been up and down a lot and is currently sleeping in bed with me. I try to move her to her own bed, she wakes up, and I end up with her on the couch, but she is screaming bloody murder at this point. Susan had also given Brian some drops to numb ears with, so give some to Anna and she falls asleep on my chest. So she's up and down all night. After midnight Eugene wakes up and start puking. So he's up all night puking, Anna's up and down screaming, and Brian and I don't really get any sleep.

Around eight thirty in the morning, I call the doc's to get test results. The front desk takes my message, says she show it to a nurse and I should get a call soon. After noon....get a call from the nurse saying the results aren't in yet, and don't expect them back till Friday...if we're lucky. The nurse says if concerned to take Anna to the ER. If I had been more awake I would have told her that SGMG was getting the bill if we did.

So now have two sicks kids, one who DOES have meds, but can't take them cause he will puke them up (at this point had to give him no liquids for a couple hours them only a tablespoon every half an hour for a couple hours....slowly working our way up) and the other who doesn't have meds. Both kids keep regularly getting temps over 104 before fever meds kick in and having to double up on mortin and tylenol.

Thursday night Eugene pukes once and Anna pukes once.

Friday morning call office and again leave a message. Again get a call from nurse saying still haven't gotten test results and if concerned take her to the ER. Kids fevers at this point are pretty much gone, but Anna's tonsils are still swollen so not really sure what to do. Call ER to talk to someone and am informed that strep tests usually take 24 to 48 hours and Eugene's has only been going for 16 hours and still is negative. (Which meant they started the test 11PM on WEDNESDAY..aka right after he had left the ER).

A little bit later get a call from the doc saying the test is negative (even though I know now that it hasn't been 24 hours), but since Anna is still fussy and has a little bit of a temp (99.9) then should just take her to the ER since no one can see her at the office today.

So I take Anna to the ER and eventually a doc looks at Anna. He takes one look at her ears and almost blanches at how red they are. Her throat is also red. When I tell him that her ears were a little red on Wednesday (after telling him the whole bloody story about how she was sick before with an ear infection et all), he looks incredulous and says, "And she didn't give her any meds!".

Yeah, he promptly gave me new meds (different from the last set she had), that will hopefully knock out the ear infection and if she also has strep will knock that out also. So if Dr. Johnson had put two together like we kept trying to tell her (we had a time line written out of how we've all been sick the past month and she wouldn't look at it...wanted to her individual people by voice...not they whole shbang.) then the kids may have not gotten as sick as they had.

We're done with SGMG. With this shit of Dr. Johnson's and the fact that they only have traveling doctor's coming in, a few nurse practitioners that generally don't know what they are doing, and a male OBGYN from Egypt that I didn't really like, we're going to the third place in town. Hopefully these people work out or we are pretty much screwed.

Hopefully the kids actually get better this time around...
(Anonymous) on January 11th, 2009 06:27 am (UTC)
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missauriamissauria on January 15th, 2009 02:51 pm (UTC)
Are either of u still students? If so you might want to pay the fee so the kids can get seen at student health. That's where I tradinally take kev- susan lewark is really good with him and we can just walk in. I won't take him to johnson- she's too condensending.
minemoleminemole on January 15th, 2009 03:00 pm (UTC)
No we aren't still students. Also, I had some bad experiences with Susan when I still was a student...and nurse practitioners in general. But thanks for the advice :)